hairstyle by marsha cobb

Hair Color 2009: Blonde and Lowlights Tones

This hair color is a great combination of lighter blonde tones with some lowlights to create a multi-tonal effect.

The lowlights are applied to the crown and down to the strands which leave most of the ends in blonde shades.

The darker crown and the lighter ends produce a complimentary hair color and the crown could be a little lighter but still fits.

Haircut Trend 2009: Short Hair Bangs

Short bangs are a great way to enhance a hairstyle.

Because longer bangs can be more distracting and less complimentary to a hairstyle, short bangs can do the opposite and really add a small flair to one.

2009 Haircut: Pixie Hairstyle From Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham shows that even the shortest of short haircuts can still be chic.

Her hair has been razored all over and layered, closed-cropped at the sides and neck. This cut crop is very stylish with great glossy shine and really shows off her strong bone structure.

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