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Long Hairstyles for Summer

Long Hairstyles for Summer

Romance is in the air for spring and summer of 2010. The upcoming trends are filled with flowing sheer materials, ribbons and ruffles. Matching your style to your clothing is an important step in making sure your entire appearance looks well thought out but at the same time effortless. Here are some ideas for great pretty hairstyles that will look perfect with the romantic looks for spring and summer.

Long and Lovely

Long hair is still very popular. It seems that since the introduction of the straightening iron into women’s homes, the look of super straight, sleek, flowing locks is here to stay.

Straight isn’t the only option for a pretty spring/summer hairstyle though. Sexy waves are also hot and beautiful. Long waves should look managed but not overly fussed over. This look can easily be achieved by spritzing in some fixing spray on slightly damp hair and throwing it up on rollers. Blow completely dry before removing the rollers. Style the waves with your fingers and hold in place with a great flexible spray.

The Timeless Elegance of the Bun

Updos and buns can be a great style for romantic styles of spring and summer. Buns can be created that are very formal or very casual and can be a great shape for days you hair just won’t behave or when you don’t have time for a wash. Buns can look fantastic whether you place them way up high, towards the middle or all the way down at the nape.

You can separate and twist in different directions for a more complicated bun or twist it all very tight and evenly for a very elegant look. You can even adorn your “do” with decorative pins, barrettes, ribbons, or even flowers for a unique look that is charmingly feminine.

Pretty hairstyles are available in all shapes and designs. Choose what best works for your face’s shape and the level of manageability you prefer. Looking great is easy.

Long Hairstyles for Summer

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