Celebrity First Cars

They may be famous and rich now but many of the celebrities that we have all come to know didn’t start out with luxurious rides. Those who did must not have driven before they found fame and fortune. It is an interesting collection of first rides.

Michael Cera's First Car

Andy Dick's First Car

Dr. Drews First Car

Jimmy Kimmels First Car

Justin Combs' First Car
P Diddy's son got a bit of a surprise as his famous dad bought him a $360,000 Maybach for his birthday and presented it to him the MTV show Super Sweet Sixteen.

John Cena's First Car

Comedian Michael Ian Blacks First Ride

Ashley Tisdale's First Ride

Justin Bieber's First Car

John Lennon's First Car

Jay Leno's First Car

Daniel Radcliffe's First Car

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