hairstyle by douglas ross

2009 Hairstyle: Fringe Hairstyles

Fringe hair is very much back in fashion. A great fringe can help those who have large and wide foreheads to close the gap.

The fringe cut suits those who have oval and even some of those that have round faces. Fringe looks great in any color whether it’s auburn, blond, black or brown .

2009 Hairstyle Trend: Short Hairstyle

With each passing season, hairstyles come and go. So, here is a look at the top hair ideas for 2009.

Short hairstyle is going to be a fashionable trend in the year of 2009. It is an empowering look for women.

With razored cuts  and edgier layered  coming to the forefront, the bob is also still in style.

2009 Hairstyle Trend: Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob can make your hair look thicker. You must prepare to do a lot of hair maintenance and straightening  with this hair style.

A more severe fringe gives this hairstyle its sharpness. It goes with a blunt line and bangs above the brow.

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