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New Asian Hairstyle

Asian men aren’t considered the most privileged when it comes to hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very fashionable choices for them when it comes to this fashion aspect. Here are a few examples of what a fashionable Asian guy can look like.

First of all, bald New Asians Hairstyle make quite an impression nowadays, having this tougher and very confident look. Such an extreme haircut shows a lot of determination and class, too. It can be a smooth appearance as well and a tough one at the same time, making bald people very sophisticated persons. This haircut also brings a lot of respect with it and it is quite an imposing choice for those who need the appreciation of those around them.

Also, you have the messy faux hawk hairstyle, one which is also classy and fitted to men who don’t like being conventional. It is a very original and unique hairstyle, suitable for men who like being treated as stars and who like being in the centre of attention. A very urban haircut, a very bald choice – these are probably the best terms to define this hairstyle.

As you can see, there is a best hairstyle for all people, a hairstyle which reflects their personality best and which can draw attention. It is only up to you to choose the best fitted hairstyle for you and, implicitly, to choose the image you think suits you best.

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Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli

The people of India have colorful & different outfits which has gained popularity not just in India but casting its magic on western women’s also. The original creation of Rajasthan, designer Indian Lehenga Choli has become the center of attraction of all festival and parties. The traditional dress for women in Rajasthan and Gujarat is the Lehanga Choli. Lehenga Choli had developed since the times of the tribals and nomads of ancient times.Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli

The silk saris, brightly mirrored cholis, colorful lehangas and the traditional salwar-kameez have spellbound to many travellars.Indian lehanga choli has traveled a long way from Mughal royal court to the Wedding Pandals.It is said in the history that it was the apparel since the Mughal era. It took the status of the festivity wardrobe.Lehanga means a beautiful pleated skirt and tight fitting blouse called Choli along with the elegant odhni or Dupatta.During the Indian wedding we can see the colorful display of bridal wear.

Lehangas happens to be one of the ancient dress in which India holds a leading position. In different parts of India, brides wear different kinds of garments, ornaments and adornments.A Punjabi Bride would wear a Salwar Kameez, while a Maharashtrian bride would wear a nine yard sari and a Rajasthani bride would consistently wear Lehanga.

Most preferably the Ghagra Choli which is also known as Lehanga Choli and Chaniya Choli. A lehanga is along skirt and is worn with long or short, the choli which is stitched and fitted blouse. The lehanga is worn at the waist and leaves the back and midriff open. 2.5 meters of light transparent georgette material is used as a scarf or veil.Choli is usually tight fitted to give one the perfect look.Dupatta is not compulsory but it definitely embellishes the beauty. Dupatta comes up in a different beautiful color shades with designs and are draped in distinct styles. The latest draping style is to wrap it round the arms to give a unique look Mirror work, Zari, Gota, Meenakari, Kundan and Resham work looks simply fabulous. A fine blend of tradition with modern novelty can create a Lehanga in shot-color i.e. a base reflecting two colors, one overlapping with the other.

For the ethnic look designers are working on cuts and shapes like A-Cut, Straight cut, Umbrella cut, Fish cut or Mermaid cut. Trendy Lehangas come up in fish cut which are tight up to the knee and then it takes a twist. The lower part is frilly and loose and the Choli is made in the style of jacket with a deep necks and backlines. Brides usually go for this type in the special day of their lives. Bridal Lehangas consists of significant designs. Often styles of presenting differ according to the demands of the customer. It is now most important to buy a right Lehanga for the wedding ceremony. It is advisable to take the tips before indulging in outfit.

Like the Indian Sari the wedding Lehangas are very popular when it comes to wedding function. In Northern India the Lehanga choli has been successfully replaced the wedding saree.During the wedding day bride wants to look at her best and don’t want to compromise on outfit and other accessories in any way. It is the most demanded outfit for this day. The Lehanga -choli with its majestic get up makes the bride look like a queen on her wedding day it is thus of the flamboyant look Wedding Lehangas are available in different style and patterns according to the body type of the bride. Now the brides are lucky enough to pick the Lehanga for wedding and pre wedding occasions. Wedding Lehangas comes in vivid ranges of silk with rich incorporations such as tie ¨ work, zari embroidery dapka work, salma or naquashi work aari work and gota work etc.These collection of wedding Lehangas showcases the rich craftsmanship of Rajasthan.

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