Jennifer Rovero Marijuana Arrest in South Africa World Cup

Update: It’s not like what earlier reports said Jennifer Rovero was arrested when doing the marijuana when watching the World Cup game. The fact is that Rovero was apprehended when leaving after the Brazil-Holland game.

It all started when the two girls were followed by undercover police after the Brazil v Holland game, which they attended with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Officers boarded their luxury coach and unleashed sniffer dogs, which went straight to them.

They were arrested and fingerprinted at a police station close to the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium and, after spending four hours in a ‘filthy’ cell, appeared before a special World Cup court. [Dailymail]


Jennifer Revero is kinda a marijuana crack head! Jennifer Revero, pictured below, did something that a person as a celebrity shouldn’t have done at an important event of global influence—she reportedly was caught red-handed when doing marijuana in a World Cup venue.

Jennifer Rovero Marijuana Arrest in South Africa World Cup
Playboy Playmate Jennifer Rovero arrested over doing marijuana in World Cup (Picture credit: Playboy Magazine)

According to reports, Jennifer Revero was arrested when smoking a marijuana-laden cigarette during a quarterfinal game between Brazil vs. Holland at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth on July 2.

Jennifer Revero pled guilty of smoking marijuana inside a stadium after being convicted of possessing marijuana by a South Africa Court on the morning of July 3.

SA Home Affairs ministry spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa said Rovero was handed an order to leave the country because she violated the terms of Section 29 of the Immigration Act.

Jennifer Revero has now put into South Africa's visa and entry stop list and is required to leave the host of 2010 FIFA World Cup within 14 days, a South African report said.

Jennifer Rovero Paris Hilton
Jennifer Rovero working as a photographer for Paris Hilton, accompanied the hotel heiress to South Africa World Cup. (Image credit: Youtube)

Jennifer Revero, 31, was the Playmate of Playboy in July, 1999. According to CNN, Jennifer has worked as a photographer for Paris Hilton since 2010. Revero is accompanying the hotel heiress in the quadrennial soccer tournament but expectedly ends in a marijuana arrest drama. Shame!

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