hairstyle by michelle rich

2010 trendy inverted bob hairstyles


Inverted bob hairstyles are one of the hottest hairstyles around.


This head hugging bob classic style is a hairstyle that you can easily play around with to suit your particular face shape.


You can create new looks with the way your bangs fall, maybe you want them straight across, or to the side like Rhianna’s. Rhianna’s hot bob hairstyle features hair that is tapered to be shorter at the nape and longer towards the face.


By doing this she has created more volume in her hair with the use of layers. It’s a great hairstyle if you have thin hair and you want your hair to look as if it has more volume.

2009 – 2010 hairstyle trends


Coming to the 2009 – 2010 hairstyle trends, Short hairstyles are one of the most popular ones. Inverted bob hairstyle is one among these short hairstyles.


The inverted bob hairstyles have a stylish and elegant look.They also go great with any hair type, hair length and age group.This is very famous hairstyle in NewYork. When you go through any fashion magazine,you can find tons of different inverted bob hairstyles. When you think of inverted bob hairhairstyle, two people come into your mind – Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.


You can add curls to the inverted bob to look more attractive. The inverted bob hairstyle is basically tapered at the neck and left hanging long towards the face creating an asymmetrical shape.Even layers can be created to add more volume to the hair.

2009 – 2010 Long hairstyles tips


Long hairstyles look great with curls and waves. Long layers with light waves have become very popular among many celebrities. Women with long healthy hairstyle have lot of ways to style their long hair.  


Layered long hairstyles - the layered long hairstyles are so appealing. They provide your long hair with the body that it needs to look good.  


Long hairstyle without layers - People with very straight or wavy hair can easily pull off the long hairstyle without layers. It is possible for it to look good if people have naturally curly hair.

 Long Hairstyles With Bangs - Bangs can help add some texture to layered long hair styles, and dress up non-layered long hair styles. You can choose a wide variety of types of bangs from side swept, fringe and more.

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