hairstyle by thomas reed

Trendy bob hairstyle 2009


The modern bob hairstyle can best be described by its interplay with the shape of the face.


A woman who gets a modern bob hairstyle can expect her stylist to carefully study her chin, brows, forehead, nose and cheekbones, because the bob hair can be designed to call attention to a single one of these features, or to a more general facial area.


Trendy summer hairstyle – short hairstyle

2009 short hairstyle


If you want to be stylish this summer, choose a short hair.

If you choose to short haircut, you must have in mind a few things. A good short haircut includes all the elements of balance and form.


If you are brave enough to say goodbye to your beautiful long hair and want to change the appearance, then you can select the hair that is short and sexy.


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