Armored Truck Limo Nightclub

This limousine can be easily called an apartment on wheels. After all, this huge truck with 26 seats in the cabin is equipped with a bar, toilet and sink. Take a look at its cool interior and find out limousine’s price on eBay after the jump.

The Vault XXL Armored Limousine also has a 36 inch plasma TV, and four 15 inch monitors with DVD player and iPhone/iPad connection. It’s interesting that the driver’s cab is separated from the passenger compartment with an armored bulkhead… this should probably protect the driver from being accidentally shot from the VIP zone during a party.

This limousine “nightclub” uses Navistar International vehicle as a basis. It is a serious vehicle with a fantastic blend of comfort and security, but for the horrible noise level inside the cabin. That’s another reason for having an armored bulkhead inside.

The Vault XXL Armored Limousine is sold on eBay for $175,000.

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