Opel Astra Sports Tourer Debuted at Paris Motor Show

Opel Astra Sports Tourer Debuted at Paris Motor Show

A wagon is usually not considered as a fashionable or stylish car, but that won’t be the case when you’re dealing with Astra Sports Tourer from Opel. Unlike any kinds of wagon, this one is beautiful and stylish, and also has great features for enhanced performance. The car was debuted at Paris Motor Show.

The wagon’s total appearance is presenting the sleek and slim wagon, with sporty and athletic design. The standard hatchback door is still available, coming in 5 doors. The Tourer has the capability to carry cargo and stuffs, in the trunk compartment which is designed to accommodate up to 1,550 liters.

The car is equipped with FlexRide chassis and adaptive forward lighting from AFL. The engine is the 1.4 liter turbo gas unit with 6 speed automatic transmissions. Other features that are available are the front seating which is ergonomic and comfy, and also the front view camera facility from Opel eye design. The front view camera is going to be helpful for you to see the front traffic, whether the road condition is busy or not.  The optional choice can be made to install the camera for passengers so that they’re able to see the traffic ahead without too much trouble.


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Upcoming 2013 Lotus Elan Car

When you want to have a sport car, what feature would you look for? The sophisticated sporty, macho look? The style and luxurious feeling? The smooth engine? Or the comfort and relax atmosphere you have in your driver area? If your answers are yes, and you’re looking for all the best features above, you can choose the Lotus Elan.

The Elan is a sport car with strong, muscular, and masculine look and style. It’s also light, with 1,295 kg of total weight. It has hybrid KERS technology, which enables you to have fuel economy system and also environment friendly. The engine is using V6 of 4.0 liter with pressure charged engine, able to produce up to 450ps. It’s also equipped with 7 speeds transmissions, either automatic or manual. It comes up with middle engine and rear wheel drive. Unlike other sport cars which are only good for the road, this car has the perfect ability to cruise down the road and also difficult, bumpy track.

Just like other sport car, this car has two seats arrangement, which can be added with another two seats. Other features such as power windows and locks, good sound system, and enjoyment systems are the standard choice. The Elan can be purchased with £75,000.


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Land Rover Freelander Limited Edition

Everyone wants their cars to look the best and attractive, and also strong and great in performance at the same time. That’s what the new Land Rover offers to you. The Land Rover Freelander 2 SD4 Sport Limited Edition is releasing a new product which is not only great in performance but also beautiful and classy in look.

The new Freelander was debuted at Bologna Motor Show, as the car using only automatic transmission. It has new exterior and interior design, with dynamic look and classic interior, giving it different appearance than any other cars. With door handles and mirror caps in color and also privacy glass installed, it’s suitable for you who want to look young and hip. It also looks sporty with black cover to the front grill and vents on sides, and also 19-inch alloy wheels. The freelander is available in 3 attractive colors: Fuji White, Santorini Black, and Firenze Red.

The interior part is also available in contrast colors of Ebony Windsor leather and Pimento stitch, and Windsor leather and Ebony Napoli stitch. The Freelander is equipped with front and rear parking sensors which will enable you to park easily. It’s using 190ps diesel engine which is 10% biodiesel compatible.

land rover freelander

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Infiniti G Cabrio Powered by V6 System

One of the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) was being shown at Paris Motor Show, the Infiniti G Cabrio. This car combines all the perfection of art, skilled craft, and sport technology. With the paint of Malbec Black – black cover with the slightest hint of red – and also Monaco Red leather for the interior side, the car looks dramatic and elegant. When you get into the inside, you’ll be welcomed with the feeling of luxury and comfort.

The Cabrio is designed based on the previous infiniti line, the G Coupe, only with better performance, system, power, sound, engine, and even acceleration. With 19-inch of split rim alloy wheels, tough bumper area, grill and headlight covered in black, it looks strong. For the interior, you’ll see that the doors area are adorned with Japanese samurai armor called Kacchu, which is iron plates in small size woven and attached to the textile, to provide strength and flexibility.

The car is equipped with transmission up to 7 speeds and 3.7 liter of V6 system, with dual exhaust systems to reduce emission product up to 30%. The interior also got the same detailed perfection, with technology for reducing noise, the best speakers, and seats which can be controlled to warm or cool you.

infinity cabrio

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Please Read These Motorcycle Care Essentials

Pride of motorcycle owners usually come from their bikes appearance. A luminous motorcycle is a heavenly sight which draws people’s attention anywhere. Some efforts are needed to keep your motorcycle in the top condition. Here are some tips for your motorcycle care.

Regular cleaning and care is the most fundamental thing to do. This also depends on the frequent use of your motorcycle and the types of the road you are use to travel to. Cleaning your motorcycle yourself is recommended since very high pressure jets used at the car wash service can bring damage to parts of the bike. Do not forget to get the copy of the owner’s manual which will help you to have the right instruction on washing, cleaning tips and recommended products like motorcycle shampoo, tar remover, wax and polish, etc. to take care of your motorcycle.

Inspections and checks will increase your motorcycle life and prevent bigger maintenance issues. Motorcycle tires need to be checked for their correct pressures. Do not forget to do the oil change regularly. Pre ride inspections will not do you harm. Make sure everything is excellent. Then you need to check the fuse box as well to check whether the electricity runs well.

car maintenance

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