Best of Burning Man Festival - Art on Acid

The Burning Man gathering is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada. It begins the Monday prior to Labor Day and concludes on the day of the American holiday. This unusual gathering of people from all walks of life derived its name from the ritual burning of a towering wooden effigy.

The wacky event that might remind you of the Mad Max series is best described as a stage for radical self-expression and self-reliance. There are plenty of drugs to go around no doubt, and the contraptions and sculptures vary in their detail and oddness. Most of the “art” you’ll witness looks as if it was forged during an intense acid trip. Nearly 50 thousand people show up for the festival, and should you decide to attend, you will definitely meet some unusual characters. With the images below, you’ll gain some understanding of the festival’s eccentricity and possibly some appreciation for the work put into designing the myriad works of art on display.

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